Just keep on going. Take heart effort is the way

From DEVTIPS VLOG My first websites were horrible – travisneilson.com


Every time I communicate with someone I always share this message Just Keep on going – Don’t stop- Just Don’t listen to that little voice in the back of your head that says you are not good enough or it is just too hard or you are not going to make it or what ever.

You just need to put in the hours. Just do the work and commit yourself and one day or another it will all work out !

….. the biggest lesson is things just take time. I get emails all the time from people saying what they can do just to get better, faster, what videos they should watch, articles they should read, books

But…in my opinions there are no shortcuts, there is only hard work and it takes time

The author and the researcher Malcom cloudwell  ? says you need 10’000 hours before you are really good at anything. (5 hours a day for 5 years)

If you are discouraged because your design or your skills are not were you would like them to be … take heart that is a good thing because now you know where you need to be

Just keep working and never be satisfied and do the work today that you want to be paid to do tomorrow

Focus on that one thing and do it today

Take heart effort is the way